Vinyasa Flow Yoga is characterized by stringing together yoga asanas so that you flow seamlessly from posture to posture, flowing with the rhythm of the breath.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

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The purpose of Vinyasa yoga is to connect the movement from posture to posture with the breath. In Vinyasa yoga stretching, strengthening,
balancing and breathing are combined in flowing sequences that vary from class to class. It builds up so that each posture or sequence is preparing your body for the next.

It’s a more energized and often sweaty style of yoga where you can expect a combination of flow between dynamic postures and static positions held for several breaths and a high focus on bandhas (energetic locks). The effects of practicing Vinyasa yoga regularly are calming of the mind, stress relief, increased flexibility, improved circulation and energy flow, detoxification, weight loss and general well being.

In my Vinyasa classes your safety always comes first. It’s important to listen to your body and take care. I teach multilevel classes, which means I give instructions and modifications for students of all levels. You can expect to get an energized workout and stretch as well as stillness, concentration and relaxation.

I always end my yoga sessions with a bit of calming sound healing with the Tibetan Singing Bowls during Savasana.

Vinyasa flow classes/events can be combined with the following:

-Elemental Pranayama
-Yoga Nidra
-Didgeridoo Sound Bath
-Tibetan Bowl Sound Healing
-Shamanic Drum Wash

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