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Art, Design & Healing

I am inspired by Mother Nature, Sacred Geometry, Symbolism, Spirituality, and the teachings of Yoga & Alchemy.  I truly enjoy a visually creative challenge – as well as a spiritual one for growth.

Original Artwork


Personalized Meditation Art
Pet / Animal Portraits
Wall Art / Murals

Graphic Design


Brand Building & Web design
Post Production & Animation
Online & Offline Content

Spirituality & Healing


Sound Healing Treatment
Vinyasa Yoga & Breathwork
Didgeridoo & Tibetan Bowls

Order Your Unique & Personalized

Meditation Artwork

Commission a personalized meditation artwork for you to focus and contemplate on during meditation, yoga or breathwork sessions. The piece can be tailored to exactly where you are on your spiritual journey, with the symbolism and spiritual traditional references that resonates for you! Below are some examples to help inspire you for your version.

How to Visually Express Your Business Values?

Building Your Brand

The success of your business relies on your visual message, how clearly it expresses your business values and how well it reaches and involves your target audience. I will help you define your target audience, perfect your message, develop your visual brand DNA and maximize your uniqueness within your specific market.

Define Your Target Audience

Communicate with the relevant people, in the right context and appropriate tone of voice

Express Your Message Clearly

Tell your brand story and maintain overall consistency in all your communication

Improve Your Brand Awareness

Regardless of your line of business, you need to get you message to your target audience

The Frequency of Ancient Instruments

Sound Healing

The flow of my Sound Healings are as follows: Initial Conversation, Opening Prayer & Smudging, Grounding Meditation, Didgeridoo Sound Bath, Tibetan Singing Bowl Journey, Tuning Forks, Chime & Shamanic Drum Wash. Finishing with Oracle Card Draw and Closing Prayer & Sharing.

Private Sound Healing

Sessions last around 2 hour in total and can be in person in Playa del Carmen or online worldwide

Sacred Ceremony

Ceremony can be uniquely tailored to your specifications and be done privately as well as in a group setting

Hire for Your Event

Sound Healing, Didgeridoo Sound Bath, Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Breathwork, Sacred Fire, Spiritual Cards

Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

Graphic Design

Specialized in both online & offline design production and with 10+ years of experience within the areas of digital design, advertising, concept development, branding, content creation, infographics, video & post production, animation. As well as design of offline content like business cards, flyers, brochures, book layouts, banners, plotting, t-shirt prints, etc.

Content Creation & Adds

Web & Interface Design

Post Production & Animation

A Varity of Ways to Promote Healing

Yoga & Breathwork

In Vinyasa Flow Yoga stretching, strengthening, balancing and breathing are combined in flowing sequences that vary from class to class. It builds up so that each posture or sequence is preparing your body for the next.
My style of Breathwork is simple to follow yet powerful. It is based on a double in-breath – to the belly then to the chest – and a releasing exhale. This breathing style is repeated for an extended period of time, allowing for deep mental & spiritual healing. Both Yoga & Breathwork sessions include Tibetan Singing Bowl frequencies.

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

The purpose of Vinyasa Yoga is to flow and connect the movement from posture to posture with the breath

Meditation & Breathwork

Grounding Meditation Prayers,  Yoga Nidra Manifestation & Transformation through Prana & Breathwork

Events or Workshops

Would you like to collaborate with me to create spiritually uplifting and healing experiences?

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Art, Design & Healing