What to expect from a Private Sound Healing session with Didgeridoo Sound Bath, Tibetan Singing Bowl Sound Journey & Grounding Shamanic Drum Wash.

Sound Healing Treatment

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The benefits of Sound Healing can be immense but also varying. The efficacy of the Sound Treatment will depend on the exposure time & intensity, frequency of treatment, and severity of the ailment in question. Ranging from Stress & Anxiety relief to breaking up kidney stones and cysts over multiple treatments.

A Private Sound Healing sessions last around 1,5 -2 hour in total and can be in person in Playa del Carmen or online worldwide.

The flow of my Sound Healings are as follows:

-Initial Conversation
-Opening Prayer & Smudging
-Grounding Meditation
-Didgeridoo Sound Bath
-Tibetan Singing Bowl Journey
-Tuning Forks & Chimes
-Shamanic Drum Wash
-Oracle Card Draw
-Closing Prayer & Sharing

After a Sound Healing treatment it is recommended to drink a lot of water and to relax for the rest of the day, allowing your body some time to simply Rest & Restore!

Send an inquiry to shee@sheeart.com to check for availability and bookings on private Sound Healing Treatment.
Sound Healings can also be offered online, as part of your event venue or group ceremony. The experience can be individually tailored to your needs.