Project Description

Flyer Design – MORE!

Promoting dnb events in Copenhagen

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A collection of flyers created to promote various music events under the brand name MORE! which hosted Drum n’ Bass events at the venue CultureBox in Copenhagen.

The design style of the project was aimed at a younger demographic represented in sub-cultures like urban DJing, drum n’ bass and other electronic music.

MORE! - Flyer 02

MORE! – Flyer 02

MORE! - Flyer 04a

MORE! – Flyer 04 1/2

MORE! - Flyer 04b

MORE! – Flyer 04 2/2

MORE! - Flyer 03b

MORE! – Flyer 03 1/2

MORE! - Flyer 03a

MORE! – Flyer 03 2/2

Live Visuals – MORE! Drum n’ Bass Events

Presented below are a few examples of live visuals created live at MORE! drum n’ bass events in association with Jacob L. Andersen. The venues were Culture Box,Cph.

Thanks to Sofia T. Olesen & CRS for live assistance.

Live Visuals – MORE! Jungle Bells Event

Live Visuals – MORE! Sigma Event

See more live visuals created by Shee Visual Design at the VJing – Live Visuals page.