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Communicating with the Unconscious Mind

Symbol Design

Symbolism can be used to express ideas or to describe states of mind. It is a powerful way to communicate with the sub-conscious mind. It allows us to express and convey ideas beyond our conscious awareness.

Symbol Design – The 5 Elements

Here a vector style design of the 5 Elements which are revered in many pagan and tribal traditions, even to this day. The 5 Elements are according to Alchemy considered the fundamental principles of matter. Fire and Air are expansive outwardly reaching constants of nature, reaching up and out, whereas Earth and Water are contractive and turn inward and downward.

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Symbol Design –  The 5 Elements;  Air, Fire, Water, Earth & Ether

Symbol Design – Various Projects

Here a collection of vector style symbol designs created for various projects.

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Symbol Design –  Various Projects

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